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What we do… 

Let us be the first point of contact for your employees to handle any technical issues that come up. We are skilled at resolving even the most complex problems. More importantly, we set you up for success by making sure your systems run without issues or downtime. We are your help desk! We give you the freedom to focus on your business growth while we take care of your tech.


Managed IT Services

Every business is looking to keep costs down, but ignoring your IT needs can be disastrous. The job of an IT team is extensive, from fixing daily hiccups to the constant updates that need to be made, not to mention maintaining the adoption of new technologies in order to stay competitive.

Luckily, with our Managed IT services, smart business owners can get an entire IT department at their fingertips for a fraction of the cost.

Our primary goal is to help our clients in any way, shape or form. We’ve got your IT completely covered. 



 HIPAA Compliance

Let Proponent IT help you assess your security risk through a comprehensive audit and provide the necessary policies and procedures framework to complete the HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

But we go one step further.  With our HIPAA Compliance Management service we make sure you stay compliant, update your policies, and respond to any new vulnerabilities blazingly fast.

Let us handle your HIPAA compliance so you can focus on your business.


 Data Backup

Disaster planning isn’t fun.  But when a disaster strikes, from a dead hard drive to a natural disaster, you’ll be glad you did.  Let us take the reins and get your business protected with an automated data backup and disaster recovery solution.  

When disaster strikes you can rest easy knowing that Proponent IT has your back.

The cost of lost productivity from even minor problems is 1,000 times more expensive and stressful then the small fee they charge to keep us up and running.
— Kelly J.

 Project Planning

Nothing saves time and money like a well thought out plan.  Our Project Planning team can create a plan tailored to your specific business.  We’ll analyze your entire IT infrastructure (big or small) and put together a plan to replace dated equipment, update core systems, or build out a brand new system to accommodate your explosive business growth.

Through proper planning, high quality equipment, and the right team on your side you can rest assured that you’ll never get hit with a surprise IT expense again.



Technology is great, but sometimes it’s hard for staff members to keep up to date with the fast paced changes happening every day. Our skilled team has you covered. We are in the technology trenches every day and can provide any training needed to get anyone up to speed with new or existing systems.

No matter your training needs, general technology, HIPAA, backup and disaster recovery, we can take care of you.



Proponent IT is well known for our immaculate installation process. Whether it’s installing new equipment, moving existing equipment, or cleaning and maintaining that server you forgot about, we can handle it. Forget about reading through server logs for hours on end. We can automate that entire process, detect errors and fix them as soon as they crop up.

Let us take time consuming implementation projects off your plate.


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