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HIPAA Compliant Encryption with Deslock+

Compliance Security is Important

If you haven’t heard of DESLOCK+ yet, you really should read up on its awesome health care friendly features. Some of those features we will highlight throughout the post, but for now let’s keep it general.DESLOCK+ is extremely versatile encryption software for personal business, and enterprise usage. These guys have put out a product that covers most encryption bases, including those mentioned by NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology). More specifically the FIPS 140-2 requirements, and the AES 256 standard encryption. This software has a great base to start with, but it is definitely not the highlight.

Because DESKLOCK+ did things correctly from the ground up, they have tons of bells and whistles that appeal to the health care industry. Yes… they are “HIPAA Compliant” I know HIPAA Compliant software isn’t really compliant without correct implementation standards, but for all sakes and purposes this software makes HIPAA Compliance a breeze.

Key Deactivation

Typically when you fire an employee or someone lets go, there is always the threat of having that disgruntled employee do something they will regret. That being said there are some features built into DESLOCK+ that make this process incredibly easy and secure. When you go with the Enterprise version of this software it allows you to remotely activate and deactivate encryption keys. (passwords) That means you can rest easy knowing that if you have a difficult employee, there are many ways to protect yourself from any lashing out that may occur. You simply plan ahead, and what used to be a big issue, can now become a manageable situation.

This feature not only helps with termination procedures, but also provides a valuable failsafe for you and your company. As long as you can show that all devices containing ePHI have been encrypted, you will prevent any damages that could occur from lost or stolen equipment!

Folder/File level encryption

The next great feature is probably one of the handiest of the bunch. DESLOCK+ doesn’t just encrypt devices like you might expect from other traditional encryption software. DESLOCK+ can actually encrypt down to the folder/file level. This basically ensures that you restrict access to the point where theft and loss and even hacking are less likely. This also means that you have the ability to encrypt emails, and transmission security can be quite extensive. All your data is encrypted whether it is at rest or in transit. I feel safer already…

If you aren’t quite sold on this idea yet, just know that DESLOCK+ also offers all the required user-friendly features you would expect, like password management, security reminders, and a web interface to handle it all. It is important to note that without proper implementation of policies and procedures even the best of software cannot ensure compliance. Be sure to consult with your attorney, and Compliance Officers to integrate in a HIPAA Conscious way.