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Why Pirated Business Software Is A Bad Idea

Why Software Piracy is a bad idea

FREE Software isn’t really “FREE”

Software Piracy is the name and not getting caught is the game. To date Software, video, gamer, music piracy is looked at as, not that bad. No matter how untrue the statement, perception is reality and we can only do our best to show what reality looks like. Despite a pretty rigorous ad campaign from Hollywood in theaters, and active pursuit of illegal web downloading, the world is seeing big increases in software piracy. These cheap software files, movies, games, and music don’t always come with a “FREE” price tag though. As a matter of fact, we have found that up to 97% of these downloading sites can contain Malware, Spyware, and Viruses waiting to be downloaded via “Free Software”. And this is only the beginning.

What are you actually downloading?

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HIPAA Compliant Encryption with Deslock+

Compliance Security is Important

If you haven’t heard of DESLOCK+ yet, you really should read up on its awesome health care friendly features. Some of those features we will highlight throughout the post, but for now let’s keep it general.DESLOCK+ is extremely versatile encryption software for personal business, and enterprise usage. These guys have put out a product that covers most encryption bases, including those mentioned by NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology). More specifically the FIPS 140-2 requirements, and the AES 256 standard encryption. This software has a great base to start with, but it is definitely not the highlight.

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Windows Server 2003 End Of Support Help


Server 2003’s end of support deadline is approaching quickly. If you haven’t already migrated to a new solution, you either will be soon, or you will be sweating it come July 14, 2015. Our goal is to inform and educate you on some of the more pressing issues of server 2003’s end of life.

Server Vulnerability

Security threats and vulnerabilities are the most obvious reasons to switch. When the end of life is reached you will no longer receive the much needed security patches and updates and your critical servers will be vulnerable. This process can happen on a daily basis. That means your data is no longer hosted on a secure platform. Software vulnerabilities and glitches are discovered every day and without those patches your system will be defenseless against them.

Compliance Failure

For the healthcare industry, July 14, 2015 actually marks a day of non-compliance. If you do not upgrade to a supported software, you could be subject to large civil penalties. Anyone dealing in data security, or personal information will seriously need to shift their migration status to high gear this month in order to meet federal regulations. (HIPAA, PCI, HITECH)

What are my options?

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